National comparison of hospitals (Benchmarking)

Are you interested in a detailed report from the measurement and comparison of your hospital with other hospitals?

The information that were found, already help the managers of measured hospitals to decide more quickly and also more reliably on strategic issues, within the focused medical facility.

Order your DETAILED EVALUATING REPORT ON YOUR HOSPITAL from the nationwide comparison of hospitals (see the Contact section, where you can find a specific price for completing this detailed report, on request – paid service above-standard).   

We appreciate our mutual cooperation, and since this service involves the preparation of data and their more time-consuming evaluation, we offer the participating hospitals this evaluation report on preferential terms.  

A sample of this report is available in an internal password-protected section of the specific hospital (please, do not hesitate to contact us for details).

Information about other hospitals, in the framework of confidentiality and other motivation of hospital personnel, is provided on the explicit consent of the management of the facility.

The winning hospital will receive 
from company LINET - an adaptable
hospital bed ESSENZA 300 LT.